We are in the midst of a citizen revolution unseen in our lifetime.

People have marched, people have voted in the primaries, and people have taken over their state and local parties.

Here’s another idea along the same lines.

People all over the country emptying out there change jars and making a difference together.

The Theory

The theory is simple.  Elections happen roughly every two years in America.  If you toss fifty cents a week into your change jar and empty it September the 15th every even year, you’ll have about $50.

Can $50 change the world of politics and fund candidates that care about our long term American values?

The power of course lies in the math.

If a hundred people give $50 that is $5,000.

If a thousand people give $50 that is $50,000.

If a million people give $50, that is $50,000,000.

I’ve got my money now what do I do with it?

The first step is to split your money into two parts.

In the future, Change Jar Conservative may make some recommendations, but for now, let’s leverage off of some existing resources.

Below are links for the House and Senate races:

RCP’s House Race Ratings


RCP’s Senate Race Ratings

Use those lists and the guidelines below to pick two candidates in your state, a nearby state, or just two candidates who catches your interest.

The First Donation Feeds The Soul

Pick someone in the “Leans Republican” to support from either the Senate or House list. This is where the first donation goes.

Politics is a blood sport. Sometimes it only takes you one election cycle to learn that and sometimes it takes a few. It hurts to lose and it feels good to win.

The first donation will help out someone who has a good chance to win, but who probably still could really use your money. Backing someone who is a little bit ahead going into the last six weeks will give you a good chance of winning and recharging your desire to be involved in politics.

The Second Donation feeds the imagination

Pick someone in the “Toss Up” category to support from either the Senate or House list.  This is where your second donation goes.

Winning feels good.  Helping a longshot or upset victory feels even better (but happens less often).

The second donation has the chance to make a bigger difference, but also a chance to fail.  That’s okay.  If we don’t fail then we aren’t trying hard enough.

 After you give, generate momentum 

Help get the word out and generate momentum for the Change Jar Conservative Project.

Post a link to changejarconservative.wordpress.com or this article on your facebook or twitter account.

Follow us on twitter

Give us feedback

If you decide to follow the change jar way, email us the amount you gave and to whom at changejarconservative@gmail.com.

We’ll total it up whether it’s a big or small amount and post the totals on Election Night Eve.


2 Responses to “The Change Jar Way”

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